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EDIT November 11th 2014


But this does not mean all the reasons listed below does not give NaruSaku fans reasons to believe in what we did. We had DEVELOPMENT starting from chapter 3 before any other ship was introduced. If you are going to comment about how NaruSaku did not happen in a negative fashion I am going to hide your comment and block you.


EDIT: June 18th, 2012. I finished most of the journal! :dummy:

AND 65 FAVORITES!?! Holy shet guys! :lmao:
And why is it getting more pageviews than my art?! Your all jerks! JK JK! I love you guys! :hug:
I seen this journal linked all over the place. On forums, websites, comments, tumblr, facebook and more. GSAFSYGKA!!!
*Let me love you*

this is a WIP Journal so if you have anything to add, send a link to the manga chapter and your personal opinion!

EDIT 2: Dear NaruHina fans. I know you say Sakura is nothing like Kushina. That's fine, but you are doing the same exact thing. Take the plank out of your own eye before judging.

Edit 3: August 30th, 2012: 127 favorites?! :iconcryforeverplz:


Remember, this is only a one sided view focusing only on the NarutoXSakura MinatoXKushina portion. It is created only to discuss, critique, reference and/or simply to just hold onto and encourage. It is not to discourage other pairings, it is to understand where some NaruSaku fans get their faith in their pairing and why. This is not solid proof as to NaruSaku happening in the end.


Most images have links when you click on them to the chapter I took it from so you can see the chapter for yourself. You can also right click, "copy image link" and paste the URL for a full view of the image.

Lets face it, Kishimoto is not making any pairing solid between team 7 (at the moment) but the main thing that I found recently are NaruHina/SasuSaku fans claiming that Kushina and Sakura are nothing alike and are two completely different characters so we shouldn't even compare them. Yes and no. They are two different characters with different backgrounds but they do have similar traits. Compare and contrast. Kishimoto is the one who started the "comparing" rampage by this one panel:

"のような" = Like

Used in a general term to compare two simulates.
の・ようなもの No Yōna Mono = Something like it

Question #1. How do you know she doesn't mean finding someone like Kushina found Minato?
CONFIRMED: In the original context, Kushina IS referring to finding someone like her personality wise. I had a friend, who is Japanese, translate and tell me what he thought. He is not into the Naruto manga and even asked me afterwards where the page was from. So this is not a bias statement, it is fact.

To be honest, I really believe (most would) that Kushina is talking about personality....not looks. Maybe a little bit of background because it shapes who they are but not always. Hinata was a shy and insecure person before she got the "hard times" when her father found no favor in her. Her "problems" are not what shaped her, she was shaped as a shy and insecure individual even before her father and Hanabi. I am talking about backgrounds that shaped a person personality wise. This is why I do not find Hinatas "problems" a good comparison with Kushina since she was shy and insecure before which caused her problems.



We can agree that Sakura and Kushina both have a hot-tempered attitude, one that is short fused and competitive. Both lashing out on the closest victim or the target when their fuse is cut short by insulting words or an action.

*Note: Kushina beat up the boys who made fun of her as a kid. Sakura did not do that to the girls (Ino did for her). Though, since she gained confidence from the experiences, she does lash out on whoever makes fun of her now i.e. Naruto, Konohamaru and Sai.

Road to Ninja
Twice in Road to Ninja Kushina lashed out at Naruto:

The first time in the Hokage office and she punches him for saying something insulting.
The second is at the family residence when Naruto wouldn't eat and Kushina broke down his door and yelled at him.

Question #3: "Kushina beat up the people who made fun of her but Ino did that for Sakura."
Right-on but Sakuras bullies were female and Kushinas were male. Maybe that made a difference, maybe it didn't.

Kushina didn't need a guy to fight off those who made fun of her. She lashed out, like what Sakura does to Naruto. We also learn that Kushina and Minato had been in some arguments during their relationship when they were both alive which would be normal for a realistic relationship. Kushina even stating that she always won the argument except this one time:

I have heard time and time again about the NaruHina argument that "I don't like Sakura because she doesn't treat Naruto right, Hinata loves him and would never do or say such things to him". Minato was probably was an innocent guy in these arguments but Kushinas heated attitude probably made her hard headed and nearly impossible to win against. Kushina admits to being impatient.

When Kushina and Sakura get excited, they also have a verbal tick:

Dattebane' (Kishimoto states Narutos word Dattebayo (Kushinas Dattebane) has no meaning but says "That isn't really modeled on anything either. When I thought of childlike speech, "dattebayo" instantly came to mind. It's like it's become a part of Naruto, and even now it brings out his "mischievousness".)

Shannaro (Loosely translated to Hell Yeah, Bastard, Fuck Yeah in English translation in the manga)

Not to mention when they both got excited and encouraged Naruto, their poses replicate eachother:

Minato and Naruto
At one point, Kushina had not liked Minato, even looking down on him just as Sakura had done to Naruto.

We know this is the opposite of what Naruto was trying to do. He was trying to get her attention not to see her struggle but to get her to see him. This is also why he is probably trying to bring Sasuke back, because he wants her to see he understands her pain and wants to fix it.

Kushina explains it was because she was young and didn't know better. Unlike Kushina, Sakura learned to slowly break down those walls she had for him after Sasuke had rejected her, calling her annoying:

Sakura later encourages Naruto more times than Hinata has even appeared in the manga. She even encourages (internally) for Naruto to show everyone that he is greater than what everyone thinks. She doesn't falter when it comes to faith in his ability in the preliminary exams:

The Scary Mom Effect

There was one thing that I found that helped me laugh about Kushina as a mother which is repeated in the series: moms are scary! And was it not Shikamaru who asked his dad what he saw in his mother? Shikaku replied saying that there are times when she is gentle, implying that she's not as tyrannical as her son perceives her to be.

I have had NaruHina fans ask this A LOT about NaruSaku and what we see. Well, if you aren't looking, you wont see why. We see a gentle side of Sakura that puts Naruto above even Sasuke. The Heaven and Earth Bridge scene was a great example. Sakura ran after Naruto, knowing full well she could die but his well being was more important. Not to mention she knew the reason he got this far in his beast mode...Sasuke. She was willing to put Narutos safety above Sasuke, telling him she will get Sasuke alone FOR Naruto. Not for herself, for Naruto.  

(And Naruto has no idea what Sakura did and her conversation in Yamato here.)

More than once has Sakura been caught admiring Naruto, enjoying his presence. She is not all "evil", "mean" and constantly hitting Naruto or abusing/putting him down like a lot of NaruHina fans tend to say. Sakura genuinely cares about Naruto. She has a different way of showing she cares.

(13 and 16 year old Sakura admiring Naruto. Both times Naruto didn't see this.)

So Sakura cares about Naruto. She is seen caring and supporting him far more than we see her put him down. If someone only views the negative side of Sakura, they are like Shikamaru, ignoring the good qualities and hopefully one day they would become neutral and see both sides.

But I will say this: Sakura would be one scary ass mom!

Question #4: Sakura and Naruto would be like two Kushinas. It doesn't work, now does it?.
Look at Sakura parents. Kishimoto crated Kizashi as a light hearted, carefree man who Sakura gets annoyed of because of his lame jokes. Mebuki, her mother, is stern and strong. She was inspired by Japanese Yankees which means her mom was a troublemaker and delinquent at one point. Kishimoto even stated that he created them so they would "bicker" and Ino stated they were "intense as always". Get a carefree guy who jokes around and a stern women and you get someone simular to Naruto and Sakura (still with differences to make individuality).


One thing that I noticed was that Kushina and Sakura both had a physical quality that they did not like. Kushina, it was her hair and for Sakura, it was her forehead to which the guy that they did not admire and made fun of had complimented them on it.

Who was the first to compliment Sakuras forehead? Who was the first to compliment Kushinas hair?

(Naruto disguised as Sasuke)

The one thing I do get from the bench scene is that what Sakura is looking for in Sasuke is not who he is. Sakura searches for reassurance in a guy, verbal compliments and acceptance. I think Sakura would still be like that in a relationship throughout her life and I can never see Sasuke fulfilling that thirst Sakura has. Naruto, on the other hand, is the kind of person Sakura is wishing Sasuke was.

Several times Naruto had made hints and expressed his love for Sakura.

(This panel can be admiration but he's admiring Sakura *wink wink*)

MINATO: Chapter 631

This chapter sealed the deal. Minato had mistaken Sakura as Narutos girlfriend then went on to compare Sakura to Kushina. Minato did not say this out loud so it does not effect Narutos opinion on Sakura.

A couple of things to think about:

1. If MInato could see the village be destroyed by Pein and know about Jiraiyas death from being inside of Naruto, wouldn't he have known about Hinatas confession? Wouldn't Minato know about Narutos feelings?

2. Minato was a hokage. He was in a war. He knows medical ninjas on the battle field so why did he point out that Sakura is Narutos girlfriend rather than just a friend or a random medical ninjas healing Naruto? Can Minato sense something more between them than what us audience picked up? Did Kishimoto do that on purpose?

3. Minato was there when Kushina told Naruto to find a girl like her. He see's Kushina in Sakura and made a comment about Sakura being Narutos girlfriend. What is the point of that if it isn't hinting something?

Question #4. How can Naruto just say "no" to Hinata after the way she confessed? He has to like her back. 

Just like how can Naruto say he doesn't deserve to become hokage if he can't even save a friend? He earned his right to be hokage but because Narutos emotional side would feel regret and that he doesn't deserve it, he wont take it. Remember, he doesn't feel he can confess to Sakura if he can't keep a promise. If he can't save Sasuke, he can't keep his promise which means he can't confess to Sakura which means he also wouldn't feel fit to become hokage (because of Sasuke). He has all that on his shoulder. He wont just skip over Sasuke and Sakura and hop right over to Hinata. Doesn't work that way. Which is why he never said anything to Hinata for a long while about the confession. He still hasn't.

This might be taking it a bit too far but I am going to add it anyways since so many mention I should. Kushina and Sakura were both saved by the man who complimented and loved them against an enemy Uchiha who tried to kill them. Yes, I understand it was Kurama who was going to crush Kushina but he was being controlled by Tobi/Obito.

(Chapter 501:… /Chapter 484:… )

when I saw that chapter where Minato saved Kushina, I thought of Naruto and Sakura, not the other way around. There are times when I see Minato and Kushina like Naruto and Sakura. And Kishimoto has editors to point out anything that he may have used before or what it reminds them of. One of his editors could have said "this reminds me of when Naruto saved Sakura" and Kishimoto simply says "yes". We don't know. I just assume with his assistants and editors that they would point these out so they are intentional when published. If its a repeat, I do not think it is an accident.

Question #5. Hinata was the only one to fight Pein for Naruto. She risked her life for him. Where was Sakura? She could have easily have jumped in and try to fight Pein. 

Sakura couldn't see what was happening. As a medical ninja during a time of crisis, she is taught to stay back and be one of the last ones to die and heal. Sakura was probably doing just that, as she was taught.

Arguments I dislike:

"Sakura hits Naruto. Naruto doesn't deserve that."
And Kushina hit Naruto. Kushina must be an abusive mother. *eye roll*

Plus, when has Naruto ever complained about Sakura? Like Minato and Shikaku, Naruto puts his tail between his legs and let the Sakura win in arguments. The only time Naruto did not tolerate Sakura was during the fake confession and in this case Sakura was not being honest with her feelings entirely. When Sakura lashes out and punches Naruto in the past, Sakura wasn't hiding any feelings and acted on them. They were 100% real emotions that she felt. She wasn't masking her feelings. The fake confession, she was. Naruto would rather have Sakura be 100% honest and true about her feelings than say what he "wants" to hear. When Sakura is honest with herself and her feelings, that is when Naruto adores her the most, even if he ends up through three walls.

"Hinata is like Minato and Naruto is like Kushina. That is what Kushina was saying"
NO. Kushina said to "find a girl like me" not "find a girl like Minato". End of story.

"The fake confession scene was Kishimoto cutting out the possibility of NaruSaku from happening."

The missed it...

Then the point of the fake confession was overlooked. The only reason Sakura created a team and went out to Naruto was because of Narutos safety. Sakura lied to manipulate Naruto because she felt she had no other choice. Kishimoto wouldn't have just had Sakura walk to Iron country just to give a fake confession to cut out the possibility of NaruSaku, it was because Sakura was trying to get Naruto back in the village, away from the Akatsuki and also so she could handle Sasuke on her own. It was all for Naruto and Sakura was desperate and hurt.

"Hinatas boobs are bigger."
God, do I hate that argument! Kushinas are small too. >:T And Naruto isn't a shallow kind of guy. If he likes a girl, it is for who she is personality wise, not boob wise.

"Hinata was the first to encourage and support Naruto."
Manga wise, false. Hinata doesn't show up until the chunin exam. And verbally encourage Naruto, out of all the females, it was Sakura who first verbally encouraged Naruto (that we know of) and the first female to stand up on behalf of Naruto. Not to mention Sakura was the first of the rookie 9 to state she wanted Narutos dream of becoming Hokage a reality.

"Sakura doesn't love Naruto."

"When she was younger, the one Sakura yeared for then loved, was Sasuke. Naruto was merely a nuisance, the loser who always came between her and Sasuke. But as she goes over various missions in the past, and Sakura comes to a realization. When times were hard, when she wanted to give up on life, it was always that nuisance, Naruto, who protected and encouraged her. How does she feel about Naruto? Sakura still has not found an answer."

If Naruto was just a friend or comrade, why would Kishimoto state that Sakura doesn't know her feelings for Naruto? Why would he place that in the character data book in the first place? He couldn't have put anything else in the data book or even left out the last two sentences and said Naruto has became her best friend...but he doesn't. And yes, Kishimoto stated in an interview after this book was published in Japan that Sakura really does love Sasuke...but he doesn't say that Sakura doesn't love Naruto. He knew full well what was going to happen between Sakura and Sasuke and knew Sakuras feelings and yet he still published this as Sakuras data. And yet Kishimoto does not state that Hinata loves Naruto in the data book but that Naruto is the "embodiment of potential and confidence" for Hinata. I think Naruto is more of a goal than someone as far as relationship goes and I (an opinion of mine) think Naruto knows that and feels honored but wont lie about his feelings and return them to Hinata if he still loves Sakura.

Side Notes

I am just going to throw in a couple of other things not related to MinaKush.

Jiraiya and Tsunade
I often feel like what Jiraiya failed at, Naruto will accomplish...including the girl.

Obito and Rin
Simular team setup. The loser of the group ends up liking the medical female of the team while the girl likes the cool genius who acts ignorant but changes due to the goofy idiot of the team who vows to change the shinobi ways.

Sasuke and Sakura
Honest to God, I believe Sasuke knows Naruto likes Sakura. If Sai could figure it out, I think Sasuke knows as well.

So why NaruSaku?

The biggest thing for me is that Naruto and Sakura have development. They have experienced and seen each other cry, laugh, hurt, be rejected and knocked down and yet they don't think of each other differently. Even when Sakura was hurt by the 4-tails, Sakura never ONCE blamed or saw Naruto any differently. She knew that was not who Naruto was and that is a lot of development in Sakuras character towards Naruto. Though, when has Sakura ever judged Naruto for being the 9-tails container? Naruto took Sakuras hits but never complained. They seen and been the victims of each others arguments, punches, stupidity and ignorance and they still stand strong.

Kishimoto stated that Sakuras love for Sasuke was selfish. All she thought about was Sasuke and didn't care for Naruto or anyone else. I feel that same obsession with Hinata towards Naruto. Sakura had at least acknowledged that Hinata loves Naruto but does Hinata know that Naruto loves Sakura? Of not, she doesn't know Naruto as much as Sai does (which is saying something) or that she doesn't care about his feelings and thoughts on Sakura and wants him for herself. Thus is why I did not like the "holding hands" portion in the war. She is too obsessed and central on Naruto for herself and I feel like she doesn't think about Naruto and how he feels. If Hinata really loved Naruto, she wouldn't force anything and encourage him to do what he feels is right.

Naruto was willing to bring Sasuke back to Sakura even if that would hurt him the most (at the time). He's never once forced or said he would "claim" Sakura and he is wise. He is willing to let her come to him on her own if she does. That would mean she has no obligation or sorrow or choose him out of pity.

Current Standings
There is NO proof that Naruto is over Sakura. His attention is on the war and helping and encouraging his comrades while trying to save/fight Sasuke. Sasuke is #1 on his plate right now so Sakura takes a does Hinata. As we know, for years Nauto liked Sakura to the point Sai noticed. If it is that obvious and is a repeated fact for Naruto, I don't think his feelings are going to sway over one small argument to which Sai say's "now I understand why Sakura couldn't tell you the truth.". Though, Sakura is not over Sasuke, it is also not confirmed that Sakura does not love Naruto. Kishimoto states that.

Some great quotes

"We've never seen Naruto even once go to hit Sakura back. He'd rather be beaten
within an inch of his life rather than hit her."

- Akano Kin

"Naruto gives up all of his goals to fufill Sakura's. She sees the human side that needs
to be cared for."

- Keyes

"Why DO we like Narusaku? Simply because of their interactions and continual
development throughout the series"

- Pepilia

"Naruto and Sakura are very similar. The relationship is built not just forced. The
support they show for each other is just amazing."

- Keyes

"One of the major reasons I support the Sakura/Naruto pairing is that they can be
who they are around each other, no masks."

- Tyrconnell

"Sakura can find strength and determination in Naruto, and at the same time, Naruto
can find wisdom and maturity from Sakura."

- Arsene

"The greatest thing about Naruto & Sakura is that they have the ability to be romantic
even without being overly sappy & amorous."

- Arsene

"Hinata even smiles when Sakura hugged Naruto. When Sakura was hugging Sasuke,
Naruto was torn up. It's different feelings."

- candleguy

"Naruto has loved sakura throughout the entire series. So that ends that argument
right there."

- Dalton

"From the whole course of the manga, he just likes Sakura more than any girls and
some people tends to forget that."

- Anguyen92



1. Yes. I know there are differences between the characters
2. Yes I know there are similarities with Hinata
3. No I am not saying this is poof as NaruSaku being cannon
4. Don't twist my words or take it literally
5. I don't care if NaruHina happens
I just want Naruto to be happy and loved in the end

You may proceed to comment if you wish.

EDIT 2: I will hide all ridiculous comments

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cosplayking100 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Student Artist
The stupid part is that Kishimoto literally did all the narusaku stuff just to entice readers and create controversy over his manga. I`m  a full-blown Narusaku fan but it really ticks me off when someone creates controversy just to put them or their product out there. I agree with all this, and idk why people like tried to basically say Hinata had character build up with naruto, we didnt see any build up until the Last naruto movie came out? Which personally we shouldnt see as canon because they usually never are. Another thing is that Hinata was a stalker, like who marries there stalker and enjoys any of it. Naruto shouldnt always have his needs taken care of by hinata, there should be some controversy between a couple and its pairings. We saw that with Tsunade and Jiraya, Minato and Kushina, Obito and Rin, and finally Naruto and sakura. Character build up is key to make the reader understand the final chapter, and i think Kishimoto was tired of naruto and literally wanted to finish it. This is super evident if you see a majority of Naruto and how detailed it is to the last few 30 chapters and see how bland and basically pointless they were. Personally i think when Neji Died that`s when we all saw the down-fall of Naruto. I mean who wants to watch Boruto X.X not me. I think this pairing bullshit Kishimoto did literally destroyed his fan-base and the people who have been watching since the beginning. Hopefully we do get a alternate ending for fans who despised the canon ending just to make amends of a broken fan-base. 
hotxhotguy Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016
Ok, I admit I hate Sakura, but come on Sasusaku makes no fucking sense. Sasuke showed no interest in Sakura what so ever. Sakura was only Close to Naruto in the entire manga, other man close to Sakura was Sai. How does Sasusaku adds up? Why Kishi even bothered to create pairings?
DragonNinja115 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016
well , what does ? , it is an anime bro . don't forget that kishimoto was inspired by Akira Toriyama (the creator of dragon ball) , and to think of it , his pairings are the same as Toriyam's

Goku married a side-character(Chichi)
Naruto married a side-character (Hinata)

Bulma married someone that tried to kill her (Vegeta)
Sakura married someone that tied to kill her (Sasuke)

Goku and Bulma spent a lot of time together
Naruto and Sakura spent a lot of time together

hotxhotguy Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017
Goku Married Chichi because she was only female character same age as him around him. They both fell in love from childhood. Nothing like Sasuke and and Sakura.

Vegeta stayed with Bulma in her house, after her her bf cheated on her their road to be together was clear.

Stop comparing them with Sasusaku, they are not even remotely resembled each other.
jang715 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I ship both Sasusaku and Naruhina, but I do love all of them as characters. You have your own opinion, but I do agree the ending was sorta forced. It went from "Ooh, they might confess to each other" to "married with children also sasuke is leaving his wife to travel the world" 
hotxhotguy Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
I wish I knew. 
Wusel-chan Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Well it's been official which pairings are canon and which not.
And as my avatar says, my absolute OTP ever in any anime I've EVER seen, is SasuSaku.
But don't roll your eyes yet. Just let me write a longer post, please.

I admit, that I was way too lazy to read the entire journal text, but only read the pictures of the manga shots. But that doesn't really matter, because of what I'm about to say.

Even though I was the happiest fangirl alive, when it was confirmed, I agree that /objectively/ NaruSaku would make much more sense than SasuSaku, even though /subjectively/ I waited for it over 10 years and saw something between them, like the moments where Sakura stopped Sasuke from killing the Oto nins or when he left and he didn't knock her own without listening to her confession and stuff.

But the moment before Sasuke and Naruto left for their final battle, Sakura begged him to stop and he put a genjutsu onto her, while she thought he would kill her. And that feeling was real for her, even though she is strong against genjutsus in general - probably because of the Sharingan / Rinnegan. And it took her quite a while to come back to her senses, since she and Kakashi arrived quite late (which is a mystery, since Kakashi could just dispell it and not let his students almost bleed to death).

Whatever. The spoint is, even after Sasuke apologized, she might have been released from the promise Naruto gave her and her strong wish to bring him back, but at that point she should have just given up before he apologized and just seem him as a teammate who came back to Konoha and more important to his own senses.

That's something I really don't understand about Kishimoto. At that very point it was slightly irritating, even for me as a hardcore shipper of SasuSaku. I understood her tears and stuff, but just forgiving him all he had done to her like it was nothing and then wait for him who knows how long? That was ridiculous.


And now to Hinata's feelings. Put her boobs and the fillers and The Last (which was not written by Kishimoto) aside and stay true to the manga itself. Yes she confessed her feelings in a battle, but did he ever react towards that? Nope. He just got into Kyuubi-mode because a comrade was badly hurt in front of his very own eyes. Nothing more and nothing less.

If you analyse the part long later when Neji died, Naruto just took her hand to give her mental support since she lost her cousin who was so young. And as soon as she held hands with him, Neji was totally irrelevant for her, like he never existed - even though he was laying in front of her feet. That was pretty horrible.

Beside those two points, Hinata was just a stalker the entire manga, who Naruto had literally NO romantic affection towards at all. All the moments which desperate NaruHina fans cling onto are made of filler and a movie which was not written by the mangaka, only the design.

And those special moment of a five minutes genjutsu vs an entire manga development...Is just pathetic for the ones in charge. The scenes of the genjutsu are kind of a copy of one of the Shippuden opening where Sasuke was replaced by Hinata (in the movie).


And I barely read the comments below, but hearing about oedipus when mentioning Kushina's words is more than unbelievable. It was obvious anyway, that Kushina wanted a person who loved Naruto and looked after him and stuff, but she was reffering to how her own nature is, which resembles Sakura's nature more than a lot.
She just knew that if Naruto would end up with a woman like herself, he would be in good care and always entertained in different ways, no day would be boring. And all those years Naruto spent with Sakura, neither of them was bored. Imagine Hinata being beside him the entire time. Naruto would help and protect her during training and battles, but he would be bored as hell.
Beside The Last - which is, I repeat myself, not from Kishimoto himself *coughs*the lovey-dovey and 2 kisses*coughs* I never really saw Naruto having really deep feelings for Hinata in the manga, even as they were married adults. Even Sasuke showed more affection in the last chapters of Gaiden, which is barely possible, since he is the king of tsundere.


And if someone said or will say "Yes, but Sakura loves Sasuke." as a proof of NaruHina had to happen, then I will just smile. Naruto knew all along that she loved him, even before Shippuden he was well aware of her feelings towards his best, friend he never tried to look at any other woman. You can say that he never got time since it's a shounen manga, but he fell in love with Sakura anyway. That didn't change. And in The Last when he suddenly "matured", it was just a low try to explain why he suddenly had this change of hearts.
Even though the fact that Sakura's heart never let go of Sasuke, it's kind of a mystery that Naruto suddenly did.
I don't want to be rude to anyone or that pairing, but I would rather see Naruto as a lonesome Hokage - Gaara-style - instead of NaruHina, because it would make more sense. Why? Because Naruto never takes back his words and feelings towards someone, if those feelings are positive (best example is Sasuke being his best friend, no matter how cruel he was).


And even if Karin wouldn't be related with Naruto, her ability of smelling chakra gave her the creeps, when she realized the chakra of the Kyuubi. And until Gaiden she was pretty superficial. Yes, she loved the smell of Sasuke's chakra, but she got the hots for his look and his cool attitude, too. She was just another fangirl like all girls were in the Academy. So in Shippuden she would never fall for him, even if they would officially be in more contact.
Beside, she was pretty bitchy anyway - I point towards the war, when she was supposed to help Tsunade and only did so, after Orochimaru had to order her firmly. Only in Gaiden, when she had the conversation with Suigetsu, that was the very first time that I had a really good impression of her. If she had been like that before, she might have become a favorite character of mine. But that little bit of Gaiden was too late and not enough to make up for all the times she pissed me off.


And if it was for another woman, personally I think it would rather make more sense to be with Ino than with Hinata (after Sakura on position 1 of course), because she got - even if it was a half-joke - slightly interested into him after he became Konoha's hero (Nagato arc) and Team Kakashi had spent much more time together with Team Asuma than with Team Kurenai. And Ino resembles Kushina more than Hinata, too.

Even though of the age difference, even Ayame (Ichiraku's) would make more sense.
(Btw. I don't mention Sasuke or Sai as partners to keep the couples straight.)


But back to Sakura once more. As someone mentioned before, Hinata said it herself that she was being egoistic, knowing she wouldn't stand a chance fighting. But Sakura on the other hand saved Naruto serveral times for real. And that was already happening in the first part. Not to mention when she gave him a litterally heart-massage in the war.

And she is not useless as some haters say at all. Not for nothing Tsunade accepted her as her student. Even though she had no kekkei genkai nor parents who were shinobi. She just had potential from the very start and looking from the first chapters to the last chapters (no matter if 2nd arc or Gaiden), she became the strongest kunnoichi of their generation.

So to sum it up: Even though my heart entirely belongs to SasuSaku which will never change, my logical side - meaning my head/brain can't and won't deny that NaruSaku would have been the most logical canon pairing after ShikaTema (which was more than obvious). So I can just support the journal entry and obviously did with my long explaination.

I apologize in advance, if I repeated some stuff which might be said in the journal post, since I had an all nighter and was just too lazy to read it all...

But I won't apologize of what I said about the canon pairing NaruHina, even though I did NOT intent to step on anyone's feet with my harsh words. And if anyone would feel the urge to go at me now to freak out towards some of my points, go ahead - I couldn't care less. I won't take back of what I think, since the manga and the journal post above showed clearly the great potential of that ship which didn't sail in the very end.

~ Wusel-chan
I won't deny that NaruSaku would've made more sense , but hey... bro it is an anime , nothing suppose to make sense , and that's why we love it , but NaruSaku is so god damn abusive relationship , it is true that Hinata stalked him when she was a kid , but stalking him is better than making fun of him for being an ORPHAN don't ya think ?(BTW I like Sakura but in part1 she was .....mmm..... you know)
but both of them have matured (and really , Judging a person for something s/he did(or didn't) do as a kid is really stupid and lame )

I agree that NaruHina is one-sided but to think of it, so is NaruSaku

lets see:
  • narusaku ignoring Sakura's feelings
  • naruhina ignoring naruto's feelings
       (it is not really the same since Naruto didn't know that someone(Hinata) had feelings for him while Sakura knew about  Naruto's feelings all along (hell , she even used his "crush" to buy her some ramen, lol ) )
  • narusakutrads : "Sakura deserve better than Sasuke"
           naruhinatrads : "Naruto deserves better than Sakura "
  • narusakutrads : "Sakura should've fallen in love with Naruto since she spent more time with him and he saved her life , it make more sense "                                                                                                                                                                         naruhinatrads : "Naruto should've fallen in love with Hinata since she stood up to PAIN and was willing to sacrifice her life for him,it make more sense "
(seriously ,when gonna these pairingtrads learn that it is an anime/manga and it doesn't have to make sense )

Sakura looked to Naruto the same way that Naruto looked to Hinata (nothing more than just a very close friend)

in fact the only ship(among the main ships) that wasn't one-sided is sasusaku (though it is really abusive)

see..., Sakura doesn't want to make Sasuke HERS ,as explained in Naruto Shippuden episode 475, she only wants to save him from the darkness , and Sasuke was the one who choose her as you can see in chapter 699 and 479 , and something bothered me when you said "she should have just given up before he apologized" , seriously....?! , this time out of all times,  why she should have gave up that time , after all what she have gone through , why hating him that time . besides he saved the whole world by releasing infinite tsukuyumi and he was really very sorry .

one Last point about "The Last" , just what makes you think that it was NOT kishimoto's doing or kishimoto's desire from the first to pair naruto and hinata ? , I mean just think as a manga writer why the hell would you add a side-character that was the first to be in love with your main-character while that main character used to be pooped by the others?,and why making her go so far that she was ready to sacrifice her life for him? , why? huh , tell me.... , just to leave her cry alone in a corner ! , (man...that is cruel :( (Sad) ) . see.. I know that you hate Hinata(mostly because of her fans , I know, they are really annoying ) but even the heartless haters must have a shred of pity for her in a situation like this

I would've been fine if Narusaku would be the one to be canon ONLY IF Hinata didn't exist , or they made a tragic movie (instead of a Romance movie) , about Hinata being the one chosen to be the Byakugan princess and her destiny to be the one being sacrificed in order to save the world or something (it would be even more cruel if they wouldn't make Naruto knows about Hinata's feeling for him)

and yeah about naruhina development , I think that the reasons that the confession was 'ignored' was to keep Naruto more focused about Sasuke and to keep the heroin role for Sakura , and I really respect Kishimoto's decision , because I find Sakura as a better female lead than Hinata , I think that he wanted to save naruhina for The Last , and BTW Hinata didn't steal Sakura role as a heroin she has only became "the main loving interest"

about Naruto not showing a romantic affection towards Hinata. well... lol , he didn't show any romantic affection to any one, even Sakura , he didn't act like a romantic person in the whole manga , and please.... if you want to count "kiss your forehead "scene why not count "I kinda like people like you" scene ,he didn't know the difference from the basic love and the romantic love (BTW there are a lot in
"the real world" who can't tell the difference between the two,take me as an example), and Naruto's face in the movie (after the genjutsu scene ) was more like feeling "guilt" than feeling "love" ,because he re-watched the whole confession  thing from hinata point of view , and he finally realized  Hinata true feelings and how she is ready to sacrifice her-self for him "loving him tell death", and he knew how kinda jerk he was when he ignored her , and gosh if that is not a reason to love her back ,then why loving any thing in the first place ? , why not just being an emotionless jerk?  

and one last thing, screen time is not development ,saying that narusaku should've happened because of screen time is the same as saying that ShikaIno should've happened (Sakura didn't develop any feelings for Naruto as someone more than a friend ),and the idea of marrying a girl like your mother is just disgusting bro (my opinion~ )

BTW sorry for the long post and thanks for reading :) (Smile)
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Wusel-chan Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
One question in the beginning: Did you read the first post which started the topic? Because the reasons are pretty clear why NaruSaku makes more sense than NaruHina.
Beside this post, there are so many pictures of fans who showed the reason why Hinata was nothing more to him than a classmate.

Naruto supported Sakura more than Hinata supported Naruto in the entire 699 chapters. It's ridiculous to say that his feelings were weak. He just couldn't confess his feelings for real, because he told Sai once, that he didn't keep his promise yet and that he has no right to confess.

You mention the last, which was not even written by Kishimoto himself. He fell in love with Hinata out of a genjutsu, which was pretty lame to begin with. Kishimoto just did it for the fandom, since there were tons of fans crying for NaruHina and as far as I heard, he was even threatening by others to make it happen. So much for his freedom to choose. And besides: this moment where he fell for her was stolen by one of the NS Openings, which was very similiar and showing Sasuke instead.

There are so many more things I could state, but in fact after my first post on here, I said more than enough.
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Wusel-chan Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I don't know if you didn't read my post entirely, but my heart belongs to SasuSaku. I just think when it comes to Naruto - and Naruto alone - Sakura is the better choice than Hinata, because she is just his stalker.

Naruto cared for Sakuras feelings, that's why he at least 3 times acted like that
- when Sakura was hugging Sasuke in the hospital and Naruto left out of respect
- when Sasuke left and Naruto promised her with a smile to bring him back, even though it hurt him to see her feelings for Sasuke
- when Sakura lied to Naruto and confessed to him and he told her that he hates lies.

When did Naruto do anything for her? He gave her hope and the will to never give up. Beside that he rescued her too often to even count it, as she would be long dead if it wasn't for him to save her.

I repeat myself: SasuSaku > NaruSaku but NaruSaku > NaruHina
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for sharing this in an appropriate manner. I was a fan of SasuSaku and NaruHina so I have no issues with them but when it came to story line wise and looking from front to back, I can't help but just love and lean on NaruSaku the most. It's my view. Some see it. Some don't. My view on love changed between my teen self to my mid-20 self which also changed how I viewed NaruHina/SasuSaku to NaruSaku and NaruSaku had that charm I loved as an adult with relationships. It's a personal thing. I understand that. But some don't. 

But thank you again for not insulting anyone. :) 
Wusel-chan Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
So my post was fine to say what I think the way I did? And I tried not to insult anyone but I was so mad at some posts I saw as replies of your post...

I truely love SasuSaku, but from Naruto's POV it should be Sakura and no one else to be paired up with. Because it's perfect logic and makes so much more sense than NaruHina...
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I am just not interested in Naruto as a series anymore. It just feels like bait at this point for money and now that I have sat back and looked at everything and the whole series I see how I got caught up in the hysteria and lacked the perspective of such an industry that can make billions off of a mediocre output. Marketing per se. And now that I work as a marketer I see how people make money off of the weakness of humanity. 

Am I going to argue for this ship anymore? Naw. I love it still but I see things differently than before so I am just "eh". :)
Wusel-chan Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Well, we can't change it anyway. But I really love to argue about both Naruto couples in a shipping war. :3 And your comparisson of Kushina and Sakura was just a perfect start which I use ever since then. =)
the-first-exile Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2015
i don't know why but sakura always came off more like a close friend or big sister to naruto, plus Hinata BIG BOOBS naruto is a student of the Toad Sage after all
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Ah, another "Hinata has bigger boobs" from a male fan. Perfect. 
Teal-angel Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
If you're talking about that kind of similarity then Karin is the one for Naruto.
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I may agree....if they weren't blood related. And if Naruto crushed on her. Two very important details. Otherwise if they weren't related and they had chemistry I would probably ship it. 
Teal-angel Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
They never met each other casually and they may be very distant,Uzumaki was a really huge clan.
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
 As a reader I know they are related. Anything beyond that is up for grabs. 
Teal-angel Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
Maybe. It's not really important who ends up with whom in a shounen anime/manga,anyway...
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
That also depends and is up for grabs. 
Pinkisthenewawsome Featured By Owner Edited Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
This isnt bashing im just makeing a point. And i did have my mothers opinion on this when she hasnt watched the anime

When Kushina said " Find someone like me" she was saying " find someone who will love you, care for you, and be willing to protect you", this is because she did those things with naruto. Hinata had loved, cared and protected naruto. Sakura not so much because she feel in love with sasuke even when he was a criminal (Que that Britney Spears song). Saying that she means to find somone with the same personality is like sayin go develope oedipus complex. another point is that if you habe to many similarities with someone i get boring pretty quick. Trust me i know. Just saying. LOT OF LOVE AND FLUFFY PANDAS!!!!!
naruchankavaii Featured By Owner Edited Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can't not reply to this, since I've seen too many people who's saying this. Please, stop comparing Kushina and Hinata only because Hinata almost died protecting Naruto. First, Kushina (and Minato) sacrificed to save Naruto from death, while Hinata just pushed herself into the battle she knew she would lose. Hinata says it herself, she's just being egoistic, because she knew she wasn't helping, but at the same time she couldn't sit and watch, of course. Second, lol, every friend of Naruto is ready to die for him. Everyone cares about him and always ready to protect him, so does Sakura. And in contrast to Hinata, she does it to save Naruto and not to make him look and admire her. Third, Kushina did mean personality, it's obvious from the monologue. It's all just excuses of every NaruHina fan. You just can't see things the way they're, because you dislike Naruto being with Sakura. You think that NS relationships would be boring? Well, as for me, you can't fall in love with a stranger who doesn't know a shit about you (so do you) just because he/she loves you, but the true love can bloom between two friends, two soulmates. When you lie to protect someone, and don't care how they will think about you, when you protect their dreams, puting your own aside, when you trust them completely THIS is love.
Pinkisthenewawsome Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Again not bashing
How do you know what she really meant. Unless you are a mother yourself, we wouldnt know her words actuall meaning untill kishimoto tells us
naruchankavaii Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can't know it either. And Kishimoto'd never say what the Hell happened, so we're left to think ourselves. Those are my thoughts and at the same time my arguments. 
Pinkisthenewawsome Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
That is true. I wont know either. I had my mothers input and she said that it depends. It was nice talking with you. First time some one didn't i was some asshole and the conversation turns into yelling. Nice talking to you!
( ^ω^)
naruchankavaii Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG, it's okay. It's a good thing if you discuss something with others, just try not to argue with anyone, it always get's nowhere, and both get mad and hurt.
Pinkisthenewawsome Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yea i know. The only time i argue with friends is when we are doing improv
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Just to let you know, Kishimoto said he purposefully lead people to believe in NaruSaku and used MinaKush as a parallel. If you ever took college classes in literature, they teach you to look for parallels not just between characters but also between authors of other writings. That is why people use other literature to connect to theirs. You would be amazed at how much authors use each other for their own writing. What Kishimoto did would not have been called a oedipus complex in writing because Naruto fell for Sakura before he meet his mother. He had no idea how his mother was. Oedipus complex can not be used in this kind of story because of Narutos past. 

And I been in relations where we were both very similar and both very different. You can't just say if you are similar it would get boring fast because that is not true. It depends on the two people. I am 27 and a lot of my friends have been married and the ones who I thought would have a long lasting marriage ended up divorce and everything else. It's hard to tell because every relationship is different. I know you are still young but you will learn. 
narutokuramasagemode Featured By Owner May 19, 2015  Student Interface Designer
yo i heard in the movie that narutos love for sakura was just a love competition with sasuke why would they give some bs we know how naruto felt about her and yet they made him act like oh your right it was just rivarly for your affection just to make it so naruto never had a chance to convey his feelings for her! really Pisses me off.
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner May 22, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah it's true. And dumb. 
narutokuramasagemode Featured By Owner May 22, 2015  Student Interface Designer
man that tics me off
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner May 29, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Me too. 
Pinkisthenewawsome Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yea especially cuz im twelve and share this account with my older sister... Not only that but i get all of my romantic experience from anime and fanfics... Yea but thank you for the info! GO LEARNING!!!!
KouanE Featured By Owner Edited Nov 28, 2014
I think I would have been okay with either yeh lol i'm not evn in this group but I found this info nicely put like many other I've read up till now T 3  T)/
PS: I want Naruto to be happy 2 ^ ^~
16Akatsuki Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hope that the arguments between the pairings will end...anyone can ship whatever they want and there are logical fans on every side. It's always the extreme ones that are picking up fights :(
I love your comparison though~it is pretty accurate from my point of view;)
16Akatsuki Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used to be a NaruSaku fan, but I guess I changed to NaruHina over the years...? I feel that NaruSaku could have happened in the ending, but if NaruSaku happened Sasuke would be alone, so I guess that is why kishimoto put the pairings that way...I don't mean any offense though, just saying :)
By the way I probably ship every pairing that is possible in Naruto so nothing scares me anymore *wipes tears*
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
If you read the interview with Kishi about the end ships, that's basically why he ended it as he did: Hinata wouldn't have Naruto and Sasuke wouldn't have anyone. But he did say Sakura felt torn between Sasuke and Naruto. I just disagree with it because the manga could have ended on 699 with NaruSaku and you wouldn't need a movie to explain how it happened. There were hints and development through Yamato, Sai, Kushina and Minato on NaruSaku happening and the fact Naruto was the main character who seemed to understand love better than anyone and he continued to love Sakura. The fact the movie takes place 2 years after 699 supports the fact that Naruto did love Sakura and didn't think he could give Hinata anything until he was 100% sure he could and had no feelings for Sakura because it wouldn't be fair (even after the hand holding incident). That's how Naruto is. It just really bothers me a ship has to be justified through a movie because that feels too marketing to me. And the fact his editor would spend hours trying to get Kishi to change his idea on something pisses me off. The company Shonen Jump looks for profit. I don't trust men who work to make profit and changes artists ideas to fit the companys needs. But if they didn't do that they would be out of business. 

But oh well. I can't change anything, just enjoy my ship. :) Thank you for commenting!
catze86 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
Well,thank you for hidding my comment. They say they are most logical pairing fans. Now I know you are just most ridiculous fans club by hidding my comments.
Thank you
Taliia Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I suggest you to use your time to enjoy the things you love instead of coming here with this atittude. Have a nice day.
kuramas9tails Featured By Owner Edited Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am hiding it so an argument with you don't start with other fans. I know how this fandom works on DA. I am not doing it for any other reason. If you ask me, it is logical to START where the arguments happen and stop it before more people get involved in a ridiculous argument. If you are hurt and calling me illogical for doing so then fine. You had no other purpose to post that comment than to start something when it was unnecessary. And if you read the end and beginning part of the journal, you would know I already stated I would hide all ridiculous comments and that includes comments means to start a pity ship war. 

And need I remind you that YOU came to leave the comment on a pro-NaruSaku fanclub journal that you have done before after we found out it did not become canon. I may be "illogical" but I am not going out of my way to do it. You came here and I am stopping you before you make a big deal out of something small during a time when NaruSaku fans are still hurting. 
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