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June 1, 2012


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Edit 3: Sai and Guy! I like Sais new look.

EDIT 2: Sakuras parents are revealed! :iconladygt: was right. I have yet to see the official release sketches but LadyGT found some in a trailer back in April (see image below-middle 2 images). Sakuras parents names are Haruno Kizashi and Haruno Mebuki. If anyone finds more info, let me know. :)

So Sakura gets the pink hair from her father! :lmao: And her mother is taller than her father AND Sakura seems to get her attitude form her mom while her dad seems more light hearted.


:edit: I am going to put my 2 cents into this. read below if interested.

Apparently there is more info on Road To Ninja.

Sasuke is OC and it is an AU environment.

Is that some kind of wedding ring Sasuks is wearing? Or just a ring for decoration? He's probably going to be the popular guy who all the girls after him (as usual) but this time around, he's probably going to be a flirt back. Who knows, maybe he will like sweets in this too and Tomatoes are his least favorite food!

This Sasuke....I like. XD Naruto doesn't look happy about it though. :XD:


“Sasuke: A playboy through and through, in expression and stance, in clothes and accessories.”

“Hinata: A strong-minded Hinata with a wild temperament! Very sexy, she boldly displays her cleavage!”

“Kakashi: With his eyes wide open and his fists trembling, a somewhat hot-blooded Kakashi sensei.”

“Shikamaru: With his slovenly expression, he looks like he’s not thinking anything at all…”

The Gai and Kakashi pic:

“Gai: Unmotivated. Too indifferent. Cool.”

“Kakashi: A left-right reversal of the eyes. Always sporting the sharingan. Gets exhausted easily. Reads serious books.”

The note below:

“The exact opposite of their original characters!? A Gai with no ambitions and a vigorous, enthusiastic Kakashi. In Kishimoto-sensei’s notes there is a little explanation about these two!”

“In the next issue we’ll introduce some more of Kishimoto-sensei’s rough sketches!”

Sasuke and Hinata don't have headbands to represent the Leaf Village... :?

:iconmingflailplz:I LOVE IT ALL! It's like Kishi read all the Fanfictions in the world and condensed the main themes!
:iconsadallthethingsplz: Except SasuNaru. Where is my Yaoi?

My 2 cents:

Fist off guys, chill. :lmao: It' is a movie. Sure, Kishi is directing it but you need to think about it from a different standpoint if you are going to freak out.

The basis of almost all stories start out as an introduction, something that makes the viewer understand what exactly is happening or to lead up to that. Then there is plot, something that causes disturbance in the characters life which creates tension. Then they try to overcome the situation and usually ends with them overcoming it and everyone ends up back where they started from the beginning but they "learned" something from it. During Blood Prison I kept saying "Narutos innocent. He's going to fight back. Gain friends and allies including that white haired girl. We will learn her sad story. Things will climax. Naruto is going to fight the bad guys head on. Win the heart of the girl. Things will end well in Narutos favor and everyone will be there. The end". Think about all the Shippuden movies based on this fact. Its not just Naruto, it is almost all movies too. Take Avengers for another example. A bad guy shows up, things happen, they come together to fight, it seems like all is lost until the last minute and then they win. They learned in the mean time how to fight alongside one another and to use each others strength and weakness in battle. It's a typical story plot. If this new Naruto movie has a huge plot twist, I will be really surprised but the fact is: Naruto will win and overcome whatever is thrown at him. Sakura will to.

To sum it up with the movie:
What the picture with AU Sasuke could be an example of something that "could" happen, that we or the characters think is better but ends up not being as pleasant as we think. I think Sakura ends up not enjoying this kind of Sasuke. She enjoys it at first but if you think about the basis of movies, Sakura may learn that the Sasuke she always dreamed about doesn't fit him, it's not who Sasuke is. Then does she really love the Sasuke out to destroy Konoha or a projection in her mind of who she wants him to be? Sasuke is being used as comedy relief it seems, something for Sakura to learn from. Wether Sakura learns that she really loves the real Sasuke or she realizes that she knows nothing about the real Sasuke and the Sasuke she always wanted was in her dream. I like to think it is the latter.

If that still doesn't make sense then how about this:
Naruto always wanted to become Hokage to be recognized and to be noticed. Does Naruto want to become Hokage for that reason now? No. He realized that the projecting of what and who the Hokage is has changed based on his interactions and situations in his life. He realizes what becoming Hokage really means. Does he still want to be Hokage? Yes but for different reasons now.

Check what group this is submitted under!
For some off reason I kept getting people from other pairing fandoms coming here. If you write a stupid comment towards NaruSaku, expect to get a comment back even in negative form and don't cry a river over it.
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Yoriann Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
hahahahhaahhahaha xD
I really like this Sasuke !!! I actually hate him (long story...) But I like this one OwO
he's totally how he were suppose to be from the very begining!!! a jerk!! xD
And Hinata? Loving her!!! I can imagine Naruto talking to Minato about this girl who's very agressive and concern with him, and then he'll reply "just like your mom and I back then" xD
I want to see it!!!!!!!!!
xsasusakunarux Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't like Hinata in RTN 6 *no offence Hinata fans*
But I seen some moments from RTN and Hinata gets so rude 2 every1 I lyk the cute version of her ^.^ i think that Sakura fans will hate Hinata in RTN -.- Hinata come back !
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You are not the only one.

Honestly, I think the Road to Ninja does Hinata justice for me. It shows a selfish side of her, an obsession with Naruto that is unhealthy no matter what her personality is. I didn't dislike Hinata at first, she was my favorite character next to Kiba but it only recently changed during the war that I disliked Hinata. Reason being is that even though they lost 50,000 ninjas in the war and people are dying all around her, the only thing she can think of is holding Narutos hand. -_- I am 100% sure if Sakura said that about Sasuke, people would flip a lit on Sakura and tell her to get over Sasuke and stop being an overly attached girlfriend. For some odd reason, if HInata does it, it's cute and romantic. I don't find it that way, I think she's overly attached to Naruto who she has had little time to be around.

Though, that is my opinion and I know a lot of people like Hinata. I am open and accept NaruHina and know people love Hinata. That's fine but I don't. I am not treating her logic any differently than I do with Sakura (although, Narutos never tried to kill Hinata like Sasuke with Sakura).
xsasusakunarux Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're right I used to really like Hinata and she has lots of fans but she is just obsessed with naruto, she's stalking him and she says that she loves him -.- When Sakura was young she wasn't strong and she was just obssesed with sasuke but when they got in a team and after sometime she wasn't the stupid fangirl and she understood sasuke. Loads of people say that she's a bitch because she hits naruto, but don't you do that to your best friends ? I mean she changed, she wanted to become stronger and she was working really hard because she also wants to help naruto find sasuke and after the training with Tsunade she really improved and she is more mature :) In naruto some characters said that she can surpass Tsunade ( legendary sanin,best medic ninja and hokage) obviously Sakura is really strong now and she actually loves sasuke even after he tried killing her she still can forgive him and that's what true teammates are and that is LOVE :) I like Hinata in the real naruto but I hate the other side of her -.- This is my opinion so I don't want to start any arguments with hinatas fans.
Sakura is the best kunoichi in shippuden !!! :D
mydearbeloved Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
This is reaaaallly late, so you may have figured it out already, but Kizashi (Sakura's father) is taller than Mebuki. He is 184.5 cm (about six feet) and Mebuki is 172.5 cm (5.659 ft). Their heights were shown in the little notes on the character sheets.
They're really tall, aren't they? o: That means Sakura should grow to be at least what Naruto's height is now (about 5'5, I'd say, because he's grown since the latest databook and he's a little bit taller than Kushina, who is 5'4).
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
He is taller. He is a tall man indeed!
VenomousTranquility Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Lol, AU!Hinata in Kishi's head is funny.

Well, originally Hinata wasn't going to be a kunoichi and originally there was no Sasuke. So maybe this is Kishimoto's change to play out those fantasies. Though of course Kishi writes fanfiction himself. It's mostly Kishimoto/Sasuke or Kishimoto/Itachi. :iconteheplz:
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Really? I haven't read that info yet. Is that in an article or something?
VenomousTranquility Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That's what I've heard about Hinata. That she was originally gonna be an ordinary citizen, but to keep the two boy-one girl genin team ratio, Kishi stuck Hinata on team 8. I've also heard that Kishimoto created Hinata to be Naruto's girlfriend. I've only heard it from one person, so I don't know it's true or not, it could just be wishful thinking of a NaruHina fan (not me). I've heard the ordinary citizen!Hinata theory/concept before.

My friend :iconaceofcrows: told me that Kishimoto draws/writes orgies between his characters, is aware of the fandom, and also writes himself/Sasuke and himself/Itachi.

My dream is to be an author, and I just hope that one day there will be a large fanbase for my stories, and for pairings between my characters. Because I want to go to a shipwar between two potential pairings in one of my stories and be like "LOL! BOTH OF YOU ARE WRONG! TROLOLOLOLO!"
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I have not heard much about that on Hinata. The small bits of information I do find isn't much on how she came to be in the series just on her personality. It isn't even described in data books or any extra pages in the original Japanese scans. I read how Kakashi was suppose to originally be introduced to the series but that was scratched out later. I usually do not believe anyone says, not even NaruSaku fans, until I see the original published Japanese witness interview or scan. I read somewhere that Kishimoto stated in an interview that Naruto was suppose to originally be SasuNaru but that is a lie. Sasuke was created after Naruto and was not part of the original plot but one of his mentors told him that Naruto needed someone to clash with, thus Sasuke was born. [link] (go to the bottom for character concept). I have found nothing like that on Hinata that has been official and published through any of the companies that Kishimoto is associated with. I have found absolutely nothing on Kishimoto stating anything about any pairings either. Not on NaruSaku. Not on SasuSaku. Not on NaruHina and not on SasuNaru. Nothing. The only thing I found out is that we will not know who Shikamaru will end up with in the 2012 Jump Festa interview. Kishimoto is careful about pairings or he just doesn't really care and just does what he wants with no comments. Who knows.

And yes, Kishimoto does write some. He wrote the storyline for Blood Prison and got that book published [link] but from what I understand, it is a co-author book so he didn't do all the writing. There was a rumor around the NaruSaku forums saying there was a hug in Blood prison between Naruto and Sakura and this picture was circulating: [link] and they were saying it was in the last 2 pages, so I had them trabslated and never found one. [link] Now they say it is somewhere else. I think that is false until I have hard core proof and one of my Japanese friends who lives in Japan gives me the "ok". Until then, I consider most statements assumptions until proven through reliable sources.
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