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The NaruSaku WinterWonderland Competition!!

The following contest is an art contest for awesome prizes.

:bulletorange: The Contest will begin on 10/20/2011 and end on 12/30/2011.
:bulletpink: All submissions given after the deadline will be disqualified.
:bulletorange: All submissions must be ORIGINAL pieces of work. If we find out that they are not you will be disqualified.
:bulletpink: Only members of One Manga’s Narusaku fan club are eligible, NO EXCEPTIONS
:bulletorange: All submissions must follow a Winter or Holiday theme and must be Narusaku themed. NO EXCEPTIONS.
:bulletpink: No adult content submissions. Rated 14. In other words, if you’re not comfortable showing it to your mom then it can’t be shown here.
:bulletorange: You can edit and re-submit any entries up until the deadline
:bulletpink: You can ONLY submit one entry per person.
:bulletorange: The Winner will be announced on 01/06/2012.
:bulletpink: DO NOT CONTACT THE JUDGES TO CAMPAIGN FOR YOUR OWN OR ANYONE ELSES SUBMISSION. This will lead to immediate disqualification.
:bulletorange: There will be a contest discussion thread opened for you. PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING HERE EXCEPT for Art SUBMISSIONS.
:bulletpink: ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE NEW. Submissions you created before the contest start date will be disqualified.
:bulletorange: Please use [spoiler] tags for all submissions please
:bulletpink: No comics
:bulletorange: No attachments
:bulletpink: Hand drawn and digital comics are allowed
:bulletorange: All submitted artwork will remain with Narusaku FC. No I won’t erase them.

The Winner will receive a new copy of Naruto: Ninja Storm 2 for either the PS3 or 360 (your choice) and a Kakashi Plushie.

Judges: RamenRenegade, Hadz-x, Kazekage & DeiDreamer

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RamenRenegade Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011
YAY!! I hope some of you join up!
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