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December 27, 2012


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Remember, the war is not over. Team 7 still has not had it's closure.

Hinatas character needed to have a closure and here it is. There was no flashbacks to any confession nor was Naruto blushing nor did he say he loves Hinata back. I am not saying NaruSaku will become canon but I am saying to stay true to NaruSaku. You started to love the pairing when it wasn't canon, will it matter if it doesn't? I know seeing this in the manga is hard but I know, at least for me, I will still ship NaruSaku even if it doesn't happen.

I don't have much else to say myself. There are plenty of people who still have a lot of faith. I do but real life is kicking my butt right now.
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narusakufanatic Featured By Owner May 17, 2013
i don't know if it's weird but i really feel loved and happy when i read encouragements like this! i mean i won't give up on narusaku .. i mean they are to cute, perfect and understanding of each other to not be a canon!!!

some of the things that i'm scared of for the next manga chapters to come and the end of the series: ( really hope that the following won't happen!!)

1. sasusaku will be canon
2. naruhina will be canon
3. kishi would do the pairings randomly
4. naruto would end up with some girl that he will meet after the war
5. masashi kishimoto would troll all of us and end the series without making any pairing canon
6. another character dies

i don't really like thinkiong ahead but i really can't help it sometimes and this is the only way that i can get this out of my system.... so sorry if this post irritated you guys :)
WirleyBird Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
I'm starting to lose hope really, apparently in the official manga Kushina states "Just be careful, don't fall for the first girl that comes your way, find someone like me." And the first girl for Naruto to love is Sakura. Please someone reassure me, I've always felt narusaku was the most logical pairing.
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That is a loose translation. It is different from what other translators have translated it to be. As Emii-Marii stated, Hinata was the first girl to "come" Narutos way. The first opportunity for a girl willing. Sakura was not willing. Remember, Kushina didn't like Minato at first and it had to take a lot for Kushina to finally notice him and his love.
emiishio Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
first girl that comes your way, which is hinata, she loves him he dosnt love her. and then she says find someone like me, do you think hinata is like kushina, no sakura is more like her ^^ :hug:
WirleyBird Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
Ah that makes sense, seeing as Hinata was the first to confess her feelings too. Thanks! I'll be damned if Kishi doesn't make this couple canon.
Inferno180 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
Now we don't have to feel discouraged, just read the new chapter, one of my theories was actually correct.
Katlu Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll admit that I was a bit devastated when I read the last chapter and I'm a bit embarrassed by this because I know that Naruto isn't a romance but I still get caught up in the lovey moments sometimes. But I love NaruSaku too much to give up on it and I think that they've had way too many moments and development throughout the entire series that it can't just end like this.
In other words:
nathyh Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
I think Sakura might jump in and grab Naruto's other hand.. and Naruto will be like "Sakura-chan"
amandas-sketches Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Naww. This is a shonen. Fighting will happen again with Madara and Obito.
Inferno180 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
One thing people think this may lead to a naruhina canon is due to this one line naruto says in the chapter:

"My life was never just mine! It's because you've been by my side this whole time."

This one line may have lead to the suspected canon but there are 3 things just for people to consider and not jump to a naruhina canon or hopelessness of Narusaku at this point.

1. The context of this line, its not referring to how Hinata was always nice to Naruto, its referring to the current battle and proving Obito's statement of no one acknowledging naruto wrong. Obito said no one would acknowledge or respect Naruto, this was completely wrong considering it was not only Hinata but also Neji, Hisashi, kakashi, Guy, and more risking their lives to protect him. All this line means is Naruto understood Hinata's speech along with Kurama's input to say that Naruto's life is not his own, many have put down their own lives to protect him.

2. The Sakura panel during Hinata's speech, why else would this be there? So Sakura could realize she missed her chance? That Sakura is getting what she "deserves" according to some haters?, absolutely false. Why during this speech would we the only character aside form naruto and hinata why would one panel focus on Sakura? This is a rare trope in comic design from time to time, sometimes called a focus panel, one small picture that can lead to something important. I'm just saying, during this speech we see no one else, so just why and specifically would one focus on another character, just sakura? Sure we see neji and a few others, but during this speech we only see dead misc ninja and those who died for Naruto but the difference between Sakura and all those others plus neji, they are dead.

There is a reason for this one Sakura panel. It would be completely insane if this was just a panel for Kishi to basically bring Sakura down, what would even be the purpose? Degrade one character and kill another all for the sudden improvement of another? That's just a sudden shift is the development that just does not always work.

3. Again we need to wait, its just another start, fans and haters of the pairings and anyone making theories or just giving up hope or jumping to conclusions needs TO CLAM THE HECK DOWN. KEEP CLAM DEYBATTO. Remember we all thought it was over back in 469, its still alive, Naruto never said he loved Hinata, likewise he never said or has not given any proof he was over Sakura. There was no blushing or whatever, only dirt and blood on their faces.

If anything this may just be as many rational and non-pairing fans are saying, its mainly Hinata's high point, her moment to shine and we will see others later on.

There are still plenty of events to come:

Team 7's resolve- If Naruto vs Sasuke comes or they team up. Plus obiously Sakura will have some role in this, she is part of team 7 always has been always will. Hinata never was and never will be. She was not there for the conflict sakura was so we know Sakura has an event. If sakura was killed off before Naruto could finish his resolution to her in any way that would be stupid. Does it make any logical sense for him to just go, hey Sakura I'm over you now and going with Hinata but I'm still going to save the crazy mislead Uchiha boy and try to fullfil my promise to you? Does that make any relative sense? Just fall in love during this crisis and scorn all past interaction and bring in some mix of all the previous stuff I mentioned? Hardly any, if Kishi did it, there would be just so much stuff to process, it makes the dynamics and personalities of the characters just alter in a way which feels too forced and unnatural.

We know naruto feels he does not deserve 2 things: We know he feels he can't become Hokage and at the same time confess to Sakura because he has still not finished his promise.

The one who knows all- Sasuke is still with Orochi, Suigestu, and Jugo, Madara told Obito he left his other eyes with someone else.

The tailed beasts- Naruto knows the names of all the tailed beasts, something he knows that not Obito and maybe even Madara does not understand. If I'm right one of my friends said that in Japanese folklore if you learn the name of a demon, you have power over it and could all it to help you while others said it would have to leave you alone for fear of other demons attacking it, something like that.

Where the hell is yamato? You really think they are just going to leave him hanging in that cloned Harshima tree clone?

4 of the kages will surivie not sure about Tsunade. Its almost given this event or something like it will happen.

Plus some people have crazy theroies, I mean just from the end of this recent chapter.

Some think Hinata's hair will turn red, that would be just strange somewhat cool and somewhat disappointing to the majority here. Again it would ruin some type of buildup, we know out of all characters, Kushina had a childhood just too similar to Sakura (and acts all to similar as well). Hinata did have some troubles but all I saw as fully similar to Kushina was being kidnapped. She was not bullied in the way sakura or kushia were, again that whole comparison thing on the front page of this group is what explains it in full detail. Hinata's kidnapping was once when she was young, second time in a filler in which it was Kiba and Neji who saved her during the events when Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru chase Sasuke and Gaara.

Some think Hinata will die, I'm not all for just blasting characters here and there off. I mean walking dead once killed off half its cast in the comics and this year Halo decided to kill Cortana its only other main character aside from chief. But if a character dies, the pairing is dead for canon. (Fans can still ship it though I mean in Avatar one girl I knew loved Zuko+katara, she still loves it, even the creators took a stab at the fans with pairing artwork they voiced over.)

Others think the "big moments" will play out in the order they spoke in chapter 573, Hinata was first, Sakura was last. You know what that means, something big and important.

Again, there is so much more to come but all i see is:
1. The context of that line is referring to the present nor the entirety of hinata liking naruto the whole series. Its simply referring to how Hinata was present at naruto's side for the duration of the battle. Sakura can't be present right now, shes a medical nin. She has to dodge and keep people alive. The Hyuga are great at defensive techniques so why not get the majority of the clan to act on defense for Naruto and Bee to recharge? When fighting a proclaimed "god-demon-beast" and your only offensive tech is using enchanced strentgh to pummel an opponent, I don't think it would do that much against the 10 tails. Sakura's offense would in all logic be an unneeded risk against the 10 tails. Big risk for little effect basically. It makes sense for Hinata to help protect him for the time. All sakura can do is heal, dodge, and act as a chakra channeler (we saw here focusing chakra into Duari so he could use his black panther jutsu).

2. Sakura has a moment coming, that panel is important for a reason if it focuses on here. Even if Hinata's hair turns red, thats still not an immediate well red flag no pun intended, we need to see what builds off of it.

3. Just wait, keep clam, and see what happens, thats really all we can do. Those who shipped Minata/Kushina or Asuma/Krueni or nothing at all have been relaxing peacefully, we can do the same. Story is far from over, I mean what if naruto ends up pouring some of his chakra into everyone? If they have a tech he needs for the time (I mean imagine if he poured some fox chakra into Shino and he had tailed beast enhanced bugs)

So yeah relax and enjoy the story, I would rather see sakura there with Naruto but if this ends up building Sakura for an even bigger scene, just think about that. Naruto is and always has been an action series first, humor and drama mixed at second, adventure third, and somewhere down the line we get romance but its not as big as the action and other high stuff. Until we see what happens, nothing is said and done. kakashi and guy have been "bathed" in the fox chakra a few chapters ago and they just got their energy restored and healed. I don't expect Hinata's hair to suddenly turn red. Even if it did, it could be temporary (super saiyan effect?)

I'm not the biggest shipper, I like Hinata but not as much as Sakura, I've seen these elements in many stories, many foreshadowing events, I'm no English major but I've become accustomed to some authors methods of writing and I know some clues when I see them, stuff people may skip over. I can always be wrong dependent on what Kishi decides but these are just probable speculations that could lead to what I and many others have anticipated in their own way.

so until chap 616 comes out, relax, take a breather, avoid the bad fans of both pairings insulting and making fun of this or whatever, do something else, just wait for the events to unfold.

Just think beyond this depression could lay the seeds for salavation between naruto and sakura.

I'm not going to let this event ruin anything, its still not over, we know Sakura has some event as well. I just can't wait to see what happens in the battle and beyond. We need to see what will happen before any romance occurs, who knows Sakura may beat hinata to the punch or reaffirm to Naruto. There's still time, keep clam and most importantly don't give up hope, its when hope dies you admit defeat.
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