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January 16, 2013


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SOOOOO! As a few people were speculating, it turns out Naruto was grabbing Hinatas hand because of Shikakus plan which INVOLVED grabbing peoples hands to transfer power, NOT out of romance. Naruto was doing it because he remembered the plan and needed to go through with it since he was close to giving up.

My goodness, Kishi. You seriously had to do that right before a long break?
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prettyangel92 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
well, we all know Kishi loves to troll Naruhina fans
Inferno180 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
While it was releving to see that the main purpose of the hand holding was to commit a plan, if anything this just means the pairing stuff is back to what it was before.

NaruHina is back to being unconfirmed and at the same time NaruSaku is still in the game.

By this same measure, many fans are still going around making their own assumptions, despite how the hand holding ended as soon as this chapter started, many NaruHina fans are saying it was symbolic because it was the real naruto and he did it for a few moments, others say while he did tag many others with power, its still confirmed.

To clear this up:
Is NaruHina confirmed? No its not, its still just a possible pairing. The hand holding of last chapter was significant for Hinata, not Naruto. Naruto again had no romantic intent and though some fans are trying to use the line "you've been by my side the whole time." They don't realize the context, again Naruto is replying to Hinata ABOUT THE SITUATION NOT HOW SHE LOVED HIM. Obito nearly broke Naruto but Hinata's speech and Kurama's input got him back in. The hand holding as I see it for now, was merely a way to both thank and consulate Hinata for a brief moment over both cheering him up and for Neji.

Why did Hinata revive the power first? Easy she was the closest, might as well had used her as the lab rat for enhanced chakra. Naruto had just snapped out of a daze, the hand moment was brief but important for Hinata, yes it was the real naruto but now the real naruto is over with kakahsi and team guy, does this mean if he tags them its special for them as well? No because everyone got power, Hinata is not special in that case.

Was chapter 615 a NaruHina moment? Yes, Yes it was but it was that a moment and its passed. 615 was about Naruto realizing whats really at stake, nothing between them romantically. It was about how Naruto had been entrusted with so much and how everyone was willing to die for him to succeed. Its not up to Naruto alone, the only way he could succeed is from the help of others which is already being proven from the Ino-Shika-Cho formation in 616. Hinata was the secondary character of this chapter to remind Naruto exactly for that and she who just lost Neji her own cousin, it was her own cousin she lost but slapped naruto out of it to prove to him that Neji dying and everyone helping each other was proven Obito's statements of hopelessness wrong. Hinata had her big moment, the motivational speaker, now the speech is over and the spotlight has shifted. 616 dealt with Shikamaru and Ino mainly over the loss of their fathers and how the mantles had been passed on. Hinata had her moment, its over.

Was 615 romantic? Yes for only Hinata, Naruto did not think either way about romance, he was thinking about how the fight was not hopeless and gave Hinata the first enhanced chakra. Hinata thought romantically but Naruto did not give a rats ass either way over romance, they are in a battle for the fate of the world, Naruto is at least smart enough to not think this way.

What about Hinata's role in 616 she punched the ten tails? Hinata merely tested the power, the air palm is a rather weak technique in the hyuga clan, but it was enhanced to the point as it could deflect a punch from the imperfect ten tails, everyone is figuratively as strong as naruto was when he had the four tails or in sage mode, some equivalent. That point acted as a moment for Madara and Obito to realize the shit just got real and how if a minor tech could block a punch, then what would a normally powerful move do? The results: The Choji and Choza had the immense strength to hold down the ten tails as if equals and the Nara clan got the power to immobilize it fully, and Ino was able to move even faster than Naruto and hold Obito for much longer (though Obito being very powerful was still able to shake her off and remain awake).

What about Sakura, she was nowhere to be seen? Yes what about Sakura, she was not seen (save Ino's flashback) but that does not mean she is not present, Sakura is still very much around the battlefield and doing her role most likely. Keep in mind the real time of the battles, the NaruHina moment seemed like 5 mintues but it was just more like 10 secs in real time (manga and anime always do this stuff for the drama, a dramatic drag). Same thing with Sasuke and co, the battle with Kabuto and where they are currently (back in Konha) are all occurring at the same time. Sakura's parents were much in the same way they are now, they always existed and were present just not in the main focus.

Why didn't Sakura get any power? She's useless: This one we don't know, we assume Naruto gave her power or more likely those who needed it for the time being. If anything Kakashi and Guy did not get any power boost either but remember theres a good reason for this, they just had it. Just like how sage mode is a 3rd source of power for Naruto, he can use it to substitute and supplement his own supply but he is limited in how many times he can enter sage mode. So its no surprise if Kakashi and Guy need a bit longer before they can become devastating. Sakura we don't know, she could have gotten it or not gotten it, Kiba got it yet he did not fight. This is the only thing I'm unsure of, if they suddenly have many wounded I could see Sakura getting pumped up for hyper speed healing or if they need it, a very strong physical attack. Sakura we need to wait and see, I could see the medical one but I could also see naruto needing help for a major physical attack from Sakura, Lee, and Guy, but maybe others as well.

Is Sakura going to have a moment? Yes, Yes Sakura will have her moment, remember above anything else regardless of pairings, Sakura is part of team 7 and part of the conflict, even if Naruhina was confirmed back in 615, it would make no difference for this, Sakura was there when Sasuke did bad stuff not Hinata. Naruto and Sakura are the team members with Sasuke not Naruto and Hinata. Kishi even said all characters will have a big moment, what this means for sakura is unknown but we know her being a main character will have something to do. Sakura is still the heroine, just as Tsunade is healing the other Kage off screem, Sakura could be prepping for a big role. Remember back in 615, though the NaruHina moment was just very short lived, we have no idea what Sakura reacted too, it could have been Hinata's speech or it could have been Tsunade in some way, the Sakura panel was important but we still have no idea for what.

So who loves who and what is the pairing status? As I said in the start, the pairing stuff is back to normal, Kishi just trolled both NS and NH fanbases. Hinata is still the only one with a direct love. Naruto we have no idea (no proof he is over Sakura even with the confession and no idea about Hinata especially considering Hinata's confession is still unaddressed), Sakura finally we know she loves Sasuke as of 540 but seemed depressed, She still likes Naruto and has genuine feelings, just we don't know how those feelings are, its true Sakura was depressed about Sasuke and she has hinted a couple times she may love Naruto (the bridge, possibly jealous of hinata from the healing moment after pain attacked her, possibly for something over hinata's speech in 615).

Again its nice to have the tension eased up over these pairing wars but only time will tell, I mean what if Kurama ends up thinking Sakura was like Kushina, if that happened then I think we would know where that would lead. Sakura is around, I don't think she ditched or went to the kages, we should see her soon. Remember Hinata, Shikamaru, and Ino all had their moments they even all just lost someone (Neji, Shikaku, Inoichi). If Sakura loses Tsunade, you all realize what this means considering how Sakura is a main character and Tsunade is a major one with an important role.

NaruSaku is still a possibility and it could come around, if everyone has a major moment, what I would love to see for Sakura regardless of pairings is her surpassing Tsunade, maybe getting the title and mantle passed on right here, it may seem like a cheap power boost to Sakura but she could be put in a very important position soon. Especially when it comes to Naruto and Sasuke what will she do? (most likely just have faith in Naruto or possibly even help him to fullfil the promise, it would be neat to see Sakura do something like "Its not just a promise, its because we are a team Naruto and we need to fullfill that obligation to Sasuke). I can dream but we just need to see.

So its nice things are back on track with action for a while, lets see how they play out but we know for sure Sakura has an important event coming and it should be good.
rehamlove Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
hhhhhhhhhhh yes you are right amanda-sama
kishi knows how to play with our feelings :D
anyway i love this chap so much :love:
UltranX2010 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
told you all it was gonna happen. no one listened. I just ignored all the craziness, enjoyed my birthday, got sick, still am sick, and tried a new digimon online game. I mean do you really think a pairing is gonna be confirmed already when there is 1 1/2 to 2 years still left in the manga? I think not.
manzr Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Student Filmographer
Kishimoto: Problem?:icontrollfaceplz:
ASSASSINBIATCH Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, one of the greatest examples on how Kishimoto is really good with cliff hangers. Kishimoto is really a great writer and he creates all of these cliffhangers to keep us on our seats but thankfully doesn't troll at us like Kubo. Instead Kishi uses different techniques to keep the story entertaining. :D
Ryeharo Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhhhhhh, my depression ends here. Read the chapter last night then read this journal now thought, "huh...never seen it that way before. Fuck you Hinata."
I feel good now. :D
KsNandS Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Kishi is the biggest fucking troll of this century, and the thing that makes me crack a smart-ass grin is the fact that he took a three-week break to let us all simmer.

I want to meet him and shake his hand and say "Congrats on trolling the world... AGAIN." |"DDDDD
Asunabara Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
NeverEndingLust Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Kishi. You damned sly troll you. Lol I loved this chapter! It was freaking awesome! Loved the samurai page too! Sakura looked so beautiful! Can't wait until she shows up! :D
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