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NaruSaku 2014 by ChatteArt

What is NaruSaku 2014?

Simply put we, the crazy and lovely NaruSaku Fandom, decided to celebrate for the course of an entire year, our most loved pairing in the Narutoverse! And not only that! We are also planning on celebrating Naruto manga itself!

How all this madness started? From Noiznation's #narusaku 2014's trend, to Sparda3g's post where he shared his belief that this will be NaruSaku's year, to Chatte-georgiana who caused an uproar, to muku-ge, our lovely Japanese friend who offered her help with her insight of the Japanese culture itself, to freakysanda1995's involvement, to derangeddoctor's help with our blog, to Uzuharu's  wish to have Kurama involved, to hani-boo's little gift for the event as you can see in the picture, everyone, absolutely everyone in our lovely tag agreed with this event so we decided to make it real!

Therefore, here we are! Presenting to you the NaruSaku2014 event!

How are we going to be able to keep this the entire year? Simple! We, the fandom, as supportive as we are to each-other, put our brains together and came-up with ideas, themes, concepts on how to RUN THE WORLD!… Actually, no, just this event! [But NaruSaku will soon RUN THE WORLD! Just you wait! :P].

Over the course of the entire year we, based on themes we already have established, will celebrate our lovely pairing!

To make it more simple for everyone to understand, let us explain.

A year has 12 months. We have divided those 12 months on 4 seasons

NaruSaku 2014: Winter
NaruSaku 2014: Spring
NaruSaku 2014: Summer
NaruSaku 2014: Fall

Now, as we all know, each season has 3 months. Those 3 months will belong, of course, to the season in cause.

On the course of each month belonging to the season, we will have established already 3 themes/month. According to those 3 themes, you and everyone else, can do whatever you want: write an analysis, do an edit, write a fanfiction, draw a piece of fanart, do an AMV, anything!

You are not bound by any means to do only an AMV because it’s the AMV’s day and you don’t know how to do it. No! You will have total freedom and flexibility to chose whatever you want to do according to the theme we have set for that month.

You are afraid we don’t have a theme set and you have an idea for an edit/fanfic/fanart based on a theme/subject you’ve thought about? Don’t worry! You can always submit anything to us here! You can even confess! On the page you’ll see that besides the usual options, we have already introduced the *select month* option so you can select on which month you want your submission to appear! Not to mention it will be easy for everyone to keep track on anything submitted based on the month you chose.

We want to encourage your guys imagination so even if you thought about a theme that’s not present in our already-established themes and you would’ve liked to do a fanart/fanfic/graphic/anything based on that, you can still do it! You can contribute with anything you wish to, even outside the already-established themes!

We already thought about that too! We’ll call it NaruSaku 2014: Extras. Just in case we miss something you guys saw! So don’t be discouraged, come and join the fun with us!

So yes, people, this is NaruSaku 2014! An event where everyone else comes and has fun around together, in the NaruSaku family.

Wondering what theme is set for a particular month? Don’t forget to go to the Seasons tab and check for yourself! We have laid down there all the seasons with their corresponding months, that way, if we’re for example in the fall, in October, you can check what we did in the summer, in July [I know what you did last summer!style *wink wink*].

* Hugs to you all, The NaruSaku 2014 team.


:bulletorange: No bashing other pairing fandoms, characters, persons. We will not post anything anti, or use the anti tag.

:bulletpink: Try not to mention other pairings UNLESS it is necessary for any analysis you are doing.

:bulletorange: ALL fan arts, videos, cosplays, etc. MUST BE SOURCED WITH THE ORIGINAL OWNER’S NAME. You must link to the source of the photo. Google, photobucket, weheartit, and zerochan are NOT source links. Try to use google picture search or saucenao to find the original link.

:bulletpink: If you are editing someone else’s work (fan art, cap, etc) you MUST ask permission to use their work beforehand. This includes editing doujin, comic, fan arts, photographs, from owners who do not speak the same language as you. Unless the owners have already stated otherwise, you have to ask for permission.

:bulletorange: Any inappropriate material that stereotypes or objectifies cultures, characters, or people is not permitted. (I’ll elaborate more on this)

:bulletpink: Use “read more” with fan fictions.

:bulletorange:All mature content must be tagged as “NSFW”. We do have a lot of younger followers, and followers who do NOT want to see mature content.

:bulletpink: Have fun!

This club

This event is mostly Tumblr centric. If you do create something for this event, this group is an unofficial (I haven't talked to Chatte yet about it) sponsor of this event and has a folder specifically dedicated to submissions created for NaruSaku2014. We will keep you posted with the months themes!
I just found out that Shonen Jump released a calendar in 2010 which included the day Naruto fell in love with Sakura.

April 3rd:
"The day on which Naruto fell in love Sakura"

A simple crush? I think not.
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"Kishimoto-san's wedding was fantastic. I see your wife looks just like Sakura."
-Eichiro Oda [One Piece mangaka]: 20-10-2003

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BTW, thank you for the affiliate! :D :iconichihimexrenruki: We will do our best to promote NaruSaku. :)       
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NARUSAKU FTW!! Please, Kishimoto, let it happen!! :iconshinyheartplz:
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I must admit I first used to a NaruHina lover. But as time went on I more and more lost my interest in it because the pairing became boring to me. NaruSaku then got more appealing to me because it's sexy, romantic and dramatic :love: I'm glad that I love NaruSaku now I regret nothing :heart:
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I love Naruto and Sakura together! IT SHALL HAPPEN. Heart 
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